We are dedicated to protecting your asset. Our management style is based on the philosophy that being proactive is more productive and cost efficient than being reactive.

Our goal is to improve your property by maximizing income, minimizing expenses, and limiting liability. By following this strategy we can take your property to the next level.


Property Management

  • Full coverage including 24 hour a day emergency service.
  • All tenant relations issues including maintenance requests, customer service, and lease negotiations.
  • Regular inspection and evaluation of property including units, common areas, exteriors, and building systems.
  • Preparation of vacant units in order to minimize vacancy time and capture full market rent.
  • Supervision of building employees, vendors, and contractors.
  • Negotiation of service and supply contracts using competitive bidding.
  • Implementation of policies and procedures specific to your property.
  • Comply with governmental regulations including fair housing laws, tenants rights, and rent control.


  • Coordination of routine maintenance and repairs utilizing our select list of qualified vendors.
  • Oversee all major repairs including soliciting of multiple bids.


  • Collect all rents and handle all delinquencies.
  • Pay all operating expenses including utilities, vendors, debt service, property tax, and insurance.
  • Administration of rent increases, security deposit interest, and tenant billing.
  • Provide statements that include all income and expenses, along with a disbursement of funds by the 10th of each month.
  • Accurate and easy to read accounting reports including end of year statements.

Project Management

  • Manage the renovation of your property from minor cosmetic upgrades to complete remodels.
  • Make recommendations to improve the physical condition of the property in order to maximize the value of your asset and yield higher returns on your investment.
  • Solicit multiple bids to find the best contractor for the specific project.

Consulting Services

  • Advice and consulting for matters affecting property owners and investors.
  • Information and insight to make the best possible decisions about your real estate investments.

Other Services

  • Sales

    We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients. We can assist you in the sale or purchase of condos, TIC’s, single family homes, multi-unit investments, and commercial properties.
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  • Leasing

    Our goal is always to provide you with the best qualified tenant in the shortest amount of time. By minimizing vacancy and capturing full market rent we are able to increase your cash flow while raising the value of your asset.
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  • Investments

    As an investment property owner, you need to be sure that you are in the strongest possible financial position. With our experience we can help you evaluate your asset and plan an effective strategy for maximizing your investment.
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